Introducing the all new LineaResponse® G series of invisible speakers that challenge the sound quality of expensive visible speakers.

Building on our successful line of invisible speakers, we’ve incorporated our new Fidelity GlassTM face panel material that delivers greater warmth, realism and depth of sound – all while making installation even easier. No fatigue, no lost detail, just the best sounding family of totally invisible speakers and subwoofers available. 

LineaResponse® G technology provides unprecedented voicing to invisible speakers, allowing them to output full and natural sound even at very low listening levels. Robust power handling provides great sound at louder listening levels. 

LineaResponse® G full range invisible speakers and subwoofers, coupled with our amplifiers provide a total “systems” approach to invisible speakers, providing the best possible sound and eliminating unsightly grills and bulky boxes used with traditional speakers. This really is “The End of Aesthetic Pollution” when it comes to making the right speaker choice for your home or project.

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Stealth Acoustics Speakers

Invisibility Has Never Sounded This Good!