IP Network Cameras

Nearly everyone has access to a smart phone or tablet.  Wouldn't it be nice to see what your house or business was up to?  Wired to Wireless... Audio Obsessions has  what you need in  professional camera security and NVR Servers.

Automated Lighting
It's time that you enjoyed the true luxury and convenience of smart automated lighting.  You'll never ask yourself, "Did I leave that light on..." again!

Audio Obsessions is the only Control4 Gold Dealer in a 70+ mile radius of Albany,NY! 

Gold dealers are held to a very high level of training standards and sales practices.  We have achieved, "GOLD" status the past 4 years and we're not looking back!

Audio Obsessions has proven itself as a dedicated Control4 dealer for over 8 years, and has a great sales history with Control4.

Here at Audio Obsessions only employ high-level technicians and programmers.



EASY A/V Control

One Remote!

One Interface!

One Touch Start!

Clean off your coffee table and make room for the Control4 remote that will change your life.

Automated HVAC

Save energy and save $$$.

Smart automated thermostats with remote access will add real energy savings and convenience.

Planning a remodel? Excellent!  Lets talk tech!

Regardless of if you're simply remodeling a kitchen, living room, or renovating a basement.  Audio Obsessions can help you design the perfect Home Automation solution that fits your needs and budget.

Ask yourself... "Wouldn't it be nice to listen to music in my kitchen while cooking, or back on the deck while enjoying a nice evening in the summer?" Of course it would be!  

Whether you're looking to control every room or just a few, give us the chance to show you how bringing Home Automation into your home will MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER!



Building a new house?  PERFECT!!!

Now is the time to act!

Home Automation Technology has evolved so drastically over the past decade that you may think that it's too complicated to keep up with.  That's where we come in! Audio Obsessions eats, sleeps, and breaths home automation.  It's ingrained in our genetic code.

If you're building, now is the time to take advantage of the simple fact that your house has no walls.  

Let us show you the perfect Home Automation solution tailored to your personal needs.  It's not only our job, but it's our promise to make sure that you love the Home Automation system installed in your home.  The more important part is that we also promise that, "YOU WILL ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO USE WHAT YOU BUY!".  We make Home Automation EASY!