- Are you thinking that this seems too complicated for you?

- Are you thinking that you're not a "techie" so Home Control isn't for you?

​Even a basic Audio/Video setup needs some kind of control.  Without it, you're stuck with 5 remotes on your coffee table, Audio & Video out of sync.  You can only listen to your speakers while using certain devices, and even then most people don't know how to use their equipment properly. 

Picture it... With a single press of the, "watch" button.

     - Your TV turns on.

     - Your Cable Box or Satellite turns on.

     - Your Receiver turns to the proper input.

     - Your Lights fade down to a nice viewing brightness.

     - Your equipment is no where to be seen because Control4 doesn't require direct line of site.

All Done Watching?  Press the "Room Off" Button:

TV Turns off... Cable Box Turns Off... Receiver Turns Off... Lights Fade On...  (Nice Isn't It!)

Want to learn more about what Home Automation has to offer?
​You're in the right place.  Audio Obsessions has the knowledge and experience to help you with all of your homes AV, Networking, Lighting, Security, and More.  Check out the What is Control4 page to learn more.  On that page you will find helpful videos that will allow you to better understand what Control4 and home automation has to offer.

Whether you're looking to remodel just a single room, or your whole house it's time to talk tech! Think about all of the advancements in technology over the past decade.  It's not 1994 anymore! A single Coax and Cat5e which your electrician would normally pull just isn't going to cut it. If you're starting a remodel now is the time to talk!  You would be amazed at the number of phone calls we get from customers that just completed a beautiful remodel of their living room or basement and doesn't think about their Audio / Video / Network until they are 100% completed.  " 
Don't be that guy!  :)  "  Give us an hour of your time to explain to you the importance of proper wiring planning for your immediate use as well as future technology. 


Remodel / Retrofit -Smart Homes Are Not Just For New Construction

​Already Have Finished Sheetrocked Walls?
Yes! Custom Home Integration As Well As
Multi-Room Audio/Video Can Be Done!

Walls or No Walls... NO PROBLEM!  We Can Make Your Home A Smart Home!  

Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to help with all forms wiring
during a remodel or after the fact.