Racks Come In All Shapes & Sizes

There is a rack solution out there that
fits ​your home or business needs.

Equipment Racks

Racks, Shelves, Drawers, Blanks, Vents, Fans, & More

In our industry there is nothing more frustrating than walking into a spaghetti string of wires inside someone's cabinet or home entertainment center.  Everything always gets tangled and connection  plugs are nearly impossible to see or feel.  

Free Standing and Wall Mounted racks allow our installers the ability for proper wire management and easy servicing.  Equipment is evenly stacked and distributed within a rack allowing all devices proper air flow ensuring reliability and upkeep. 

Also the great thing about using a system such as Control4 to control your equipment is that it never has to be visible.  Nothing has to be direct line of sight.  All equipment can be safely stored in a basement or closet anywhere in the home or business.