Knowing that Control4 is such a large part of our daily lives here at Audio Obsessions, we are proud to offer fully supported Custom Made Control4 Drivers.  We strive to offer the newest in state of the art programming and product integration.  

Please support us and our dream to make each and every install AWESOME!

If you have any questions regarding any of our Control4 Drivers, please contact us:

Blue Iris NVR


Audio Obsessions Custom Made Drivers

The Control4® philosophy is as straightforward as it is simple: life's better when everything—and everyone—works together. From a company strategy perspective, Control4 stands behind an open platform: Control4 is committed to interoperability so both Control4 dealers and customers can count on a system that communicates with and controls virtually anything and everything in the home.

When a device is added to your Control4 system, corresponding drivers are installed to communicate relevant information about that device to the other system components. Hundreds of manufacturers have developed drivers that allow their products to interoperate with the Control4® automation system and more are being added every day.

Control4 Drivers