Precision. Consistency. Long-term reliability. These are inherent characteristics of even the smallest Paradigm component part. Technology and design that represent true innovation in the pursuit of perfection in audio reproduction. Out of this come sonic accuracy and purity, a clean, detailed and transparent reproduction of the original performance, nothing more, nothing less.

It starts with knowledge, it ends with knowing, knowing that you've created a better product ... an audibly better product. You hear it in every Paradigm speaker produced!

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Technology, by definition, is the practical application of knowledge. When it comes to sound reproduction, no one knows more than Paradigm. When it comes to the practical application of that knowledge we're committed to doing it better! Better measurements, better materials, better components always result in better sound ... and better speakers.

While many speaker companies do not have the resources to design and manufacture their own drive units, Paradigm purpose-designs robust drivers for specific speakers.

Paradigm Speakers

When It Comes To Sound Reproduction... No One Knows More Than Paradigm!