Complete Home Control

Finally! A Simple, User Friendly, Smart Home Solution Everyone Can Use!

With Control4, you can start with one room and add more automation capability whenever you want. Here are just a few ideas how Control4 automation can turn your house into a smart home:

  • A half hour before you wake up in the morning, the thermostat adjusts to heat up the house, the lights slowly become brighter and the shades gradually open.

  • As you leave for work, one push of a button locks the doors, arms the security system, turns off all the lights, powers down all non-essential devices and adjusts the temperature settings to the "Away" mode.

  • While you are at work, your Control4 system sends you a text message if your child has not returned home from school by the expected time, if the gaming system has been in use for more than an hour or if there is a water leak detected in the laundry room.

  • When you return home in the evening, the push of a button opens your garage door, unlocks the entry door and adjusts the thermostat to your preferred temperature.

  • When you are ready to watch a movie, instead of using several remotes, a single interface—be it a touch screen, smartphone, tablet or simple remote—provides you with easy control of your entire entertainment system. As the movie starts, the blinds close, the lights dim and the temperature adjusts to keep your family comfortable.

  • When it's time for bed, the press of a "Goodnight" button closes the blinds, turns off the lights, locks the doors, arms the security system and turns off all televisions and game consoles.