Bryan Ret

Technical Service Technician
(Master Installer, Audiophile)

Bryan is our in-house Audiophile.  People who consider themselves, "audiophiles" need to get his approval before taking that name.  He is passionate about everything SOUND.  If you're ready to have a conversation about real speakers, pull up a chair and set up a meeting with Bryan.  

Not only does Bryan love true sound, but he loves the engineering behind it.  Bryan is the guy that will crack open your $5,000 amplifier before even turning it on just to see how it works.  He understands all aspects of great sound and home control.  Bryan is a dedicated worker who has proven himself over and over again that he can always get the job done.


Dan Martin

Business Manager
(Project Designer, Jobsite Manager, 
Control4 Programmer, Master Installer)

Dan joined the Audio Obsessions team in 2008.  Since joining Audio Obsessions he has repeatedly proven himself to be an integral part of the company.  Never afraid to learn, Dan always seeks out the best way of implementing anything he is involved in.  Passionate about his work, he strives for customer satisfaction and always hopes to exceed customer expectations once a job is completed. 

Dan coined the Audio Obsessions phrase, "We Install Awesome" while on a jobsite.  On every jobsite there is always another trade (electrician, plummer, HVAC etc...) that asked him what we did or what we installed.  To him it was a simple answer.  "We Install Awesome!"  We are the ones that bring the WOW factor to any home or business.  

Adam Smith

(Lead Project Designer,
Jobsite Manager, Master Control4 Programmer, Electrical Engineer)

Adam founded Audio Obsessions in 1997 as, "the premier car audio shop" in Albany, NY.  Over the years his business has successfully grown due to his keen attention to detail and top notch customer service.  He would never accept the fact that other shops said that, "no it can't be done".  Always thinking outside of the box there are few things in this world that Adam can't achieve or make happen when he truly puts his mind to it.

Adam has the knowledge and skill set to design and program any custom home/business automation project no matter how big or small. He is passionate about his work and devotes his time to mastering his craft.